Friday, May 28, 2010


three friends (abe galway, tyler walker, tim maly) and i have decided to collaborate in some space-based experimentation using arduinos, processing 1.0, grasshopper (algorithmic modeling within rhino) and an emotiv headset (and projectors and screens and whatever else we can think of).

we have comandeered a space for our lab and are working on getting some money to buy equipment and exhibit our work. 

here are some of the basic technologies we will use:

Rousseau's Reveries of the Solitary Walker

I'm planning on using a similar structure to Rousseau's "Reveries" to pull together my thesis into a book. I'll reflect on a series of walks and my train of thought during those walks and embellish that with the research I've already completed and the experiments to come from annexLAB ...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


i have an idea for a responsive space installation that i'd like to do for my thesis ...

the idea is a bit fuzzy right now - it involves a simple surface, probably textile, some arduinos, pressure sensors, light sensors, etc and a bunch of servos to manipulate the shape of the surface in response to occupation, holding over a trace of each occupant over time.

i'm studying the act of walking as a representation of occupation - trying to work out what energy/information/materials are available to the building-organism as a result of occupation (as a result of a person walking in a space).  i'm using grashopper/rhino to model those exchanges (kind-of) using the GPS tracks collected in the pedestrian survey a few weeks back as hard data to experiment with. i imagine that those experiments will inform the interactions in the installation.