Sunday, August 30, 2009


i'm paralyzed...or nearly so...moving slower than a snail, than a sloth...progressing at about the rate of fingernails growing or continents shifting (that's about the same, i hear) i'm writing a paper for contemporary discourses in architecture and every word and sentence seems so important... and i'm paralyzed with self-criticism. i think something or write something and then can't decided if it's right or not so it gets erased...or never even written not written no paper more stress...panic...deadline long past it's only 2000 words!!! the gist is this: an argument for an experiment in material emergence. an experiment which includes as a force the occupation of a space. people moving through, or lingering in, a space is translated through a computer into vibrations which in turn translates into density of material and thus transparency, acoustic absorbency, and insulation value. the gist is easier than the paper.

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