Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a picnic table?

today i had a daydream -- i was carrying a grungy white plastic patio table and a walking train of grungy white plastic patio chairs followed me, down ainslie, across the parking lot and onto the lane... two ladies had tea under an umbrella in the sun at our plastic patio table - now it's sparkling white everything is greener and gold-tinged - the ladies look into the distance, eyes squinting against the sun - the building is a backdrop in a field. a set for tea. also... there are 26 sets of windows, counting from water street east towards ainslie, which are nearly identical and match the "old galt" photo from cambridgeweb . after the original style there are seven sets of windows of a more decorative style then five more of the old style, then...
how can i have not noticed this building before?
the first 26 window sets are held in walls of stone...a combination of a number of separate buildings, several of which have been rebuilt. a variety of commercial additions adorn the back lane - their roofs are patios for the apartment-dwellers above.

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