Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i'm interested in the use of the stoops in along the back of the south block of main street, between water and ainslie streets in cambridge ontario. i'm interested because these stoops are some of the best occupied spaces in cambridge, in summer at least and because they are used by people from all walks of life: tourists, lawyers, drug dealers, business people, students, restaurant staff, low-income residents, store proprietors... this mixing can cause cause tension - territories are trespassed upon, noses are turned up, curses are hurled into the street, bats are waved threateningly, the police are called. so i've been watching...everyday i pass by the stoops at least twice, four times, six times. sometime with my dogs, sometimes on the way to school, or to work at a restaurant within this block. i am more than watching: i eat and drink, i buy smokes and sandwiches, i work, i visit friends, i linger. and i record. here are a couple of my videos sped up 1000%: 08.11.12 (from north side of ainslie) 09.04.02 (from south side of parking lot) 09.04.02 (zoomed into stoop - speed: 500%)

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