Sunday, May 24, 2009

12 x 12: the city has arrived

the city came today to councillor pam wolf and a friend dropped by the site after hearing about 12 x 12 from my good friends at the grand cafe. i have been waiting for word of 12 x 12 to leak to the city ever since it started...i tried to keep a low profile for the first few weeks to keep the project from getting shut down. i suspect the city will be concerned with the recording of public space, and with the chalk "graffiti", and maybe even with the planting of food in public spaces. councillor wolf asked about the project and the motivations for it. she spoke about her role in the city, her invlovement in issues of housing and social programs within the city as well as her connections with the school of architecture (she lives next to elizabeth english and works with jeff lederer and rick haldenby on various committees, not to mention that the school is in her ward). she also spoke about several grassroots groups in cambridge interested in improving the community (eg. lovecambridge, and jeff's downtown reviltalization for midsize cities). let us see what this last week will bring... unfortunately, my camera is still offline, so photos and anecdotes will have to do for now.

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