Sunday, May 17, 2009

benchless - the site cleaner II

17.05.09 wateringcan IV et al. post-cleaners! this morning (while walking pogo) i ran into the cleaners again. they were having a smoke behind the TRIDENT corner store at around 7:40 am. "you're out early for a sunday" "mmhmm" "do you work for the city, or do you clean for the sake of it?" "we're outside contractors" "oh yeah?" "woof woof" pogo interrupts, and noticing their discomfort, i continue home "have a good day" "mmhmm" based on their accents, i wondered if the cleaners were portugese, so i asked the owner of baird's (portugese) supermarket about them. he said he sees them every sunday, but he didn't know anything else about them. i will try again next week...without pogo (sorry pogo!). baird's supermarket on ainslie street interestingly, the cleaners left the site intact today - the only thing they removed was the broken trowel. i have taped a "greening the granite block" poster to the water fountain, perhaps adding legitimacy to the project in the eyes of the cleaners? or perhaps my persistence has simply won them over (i am on wateringcan IV)... "greening the granite block" poster at benchless 16.05.09 a broken trowel (removed by the cleaners 17.05.09)

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