Friday, May 1, 2009

what is 12 x 12?

for the next month i will record the goings-on in this little parkette at 12noon and 12midnight everyday. these videos will be posted on this blog for everyone and anyone to see (tag: 12 x 12). i have made some flyers calling on performers, artists, protesters, and anyone else interested to claim this corner as their own some day in may at 12noon or 12midnight. to kick it off, today i planted strawberries and marigolds in the waterless drinking fountain and i left a watering can nearby. so...think of something to could be just you, or you and a bunch of friends, or you and a bunch of strangers could dance or sing or could have a tea party or a could build something, draw something, take something, leave could just go sit, or stand, or could scream or whisper or orate...feel free to make flyers and promote your event disclaimers: try to not get arrested or hurt...this is public space...i have no special authority or permission to use this space...

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